Useful Information

The Tides Lodge remains open all year round.  Being located just south of the equator on the Indian Ocean, we enjoy warm tropical weather throughout the year, with only mild fluctuations.  December to April tends to be the hottest time of the year, with temperature ranging from 25 – 30 degrees centigrade. The winds at this time of year are North-Easterly and warm, having been heated up crossing the Arabian peninsula.  May to November is slightly cooler with the prevailing winds coming from the South-East.

The main rainy season (also known as the long rains) peaks in May, which is the wettest month with frequent tropical downpours.  The short rains are in November.

Daytime, you will be comfortable in light cotton or linen clothes or beachwear, whilst long trousers and mosquito repellent for the evenings help reduce mosquito bites.   During the cooler months between June and November a light pullover or fleece is advisable for the evenings as the air is just that bit cooler.  Light foot wear, sandals or flip flops are all you will need for your stay at the Lodge.  To protect you from the tropical sun you should bring a hat and sunglasses as well as sun screen and tanning lotions, which are hard to find on the coast.

Immunizations / Medical facilities

Please check with your health service or doctor what vaccinations are recommended for Tanzania well before travelling. Medical facilities outside of Dar Es Salam are very basic and there is no free treatment. We would recommend that your travel insurance covers evacuation. Malaria is a present risk all over Tanzania, even if the constant sea breeze at the Tides Lodge deters mosquitoes.  To reduce the risk of malaria, all rooms have mosquito screens and mosquito nets over the beds, and all rooms are sprayed in the evening to ensure no mosquitoes are in the rooms.

Visa Requirements

To enter Tanzania, travellers from many countries will require visas, which can be obtained from the embassies and high commissions in advance, or on arrival in Tanzania against a fee of $50.  Check with your Tanzania High Commission or Embassy before travelling on latest visa rules.


The local currency is Tanzania Shillings (1 US$ equals approx. 2,200 Shillings).  The easiest acceptable foreign currency is US Dollars; you will usually be given change in Tanzanian Shillings.  People in rural areas may be reluctant to accept some US$ bills and it may be worth changing some $ into Tanzanian shillings at the airport.


Can be found in the major cities.

Major Credit Cards

Most upmarket hotels and restaurants accept major credit cards.

Travellers cheques

Not all places accept travellers cheques. Travellers cheques can be encashed at bureau de change or authorized money changers in the major cities.

By air

The Tides Lodge benefits from its own private airstrip, Mashado. Daily flight connections are available by light aircraft from the international airports of Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.

Private chartered flights can also be welcomed. Transfers to the Lodge are bookable upon request.

By road

Access to The Tides Lodge is possible via road, with clear driving instructions available upon request.

Expected journey time from Dar es Salaam via Saadani National Park is between 4.5 and 5.5 hours (not advisable in the rainy season).